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About Heli-Network Analysis

Heli Network Analysis is a product extension API which allows users to create or customize the effective mobility of goods, efficient working of organization and intelligent transport network analysis. Make time efficient smarter decisions by developing strategic routing plans which can be modified according to our needs. Save your time and money by creating and implementing Heliware Network Analysis. Integrate with existing workflows and business systems for increased organizational efficiency.

Route Planning and customizing

Reconstructing the driven road and getting the detailed insights

Interpolate GPS points and get a path that follows the geometry of the road



“Connecting spaces finding best routes” with ‘heli network analysis’ Routing feature. No matter how many locations you have to visit, with Heli-Network Analysis you can automate the shortest and time efficient route for your business. You can also add your own routes and optimize as per your need. Based on your data you can also visualize the time animation of the objects following that route to observe patterns and trends.


“Make time as your priority”, with Heli-Network Analysis, you can create isochrone maps within a given travel time by different modes of transport like drive, walk, bike, cycling. Like you want to find your number of customers falling in a certain time range or you want to know about any amenities.

Snap to Road

The Snap to Road feature of Heli-Network Analysis is a connecting route line from start point to end point that matches the received points to the map road network and rebuild the driven road by using GPS points and snapps to the nearest road.

Nearest Neighbor Analysis

Heli - Nearest Neighbor Analysis feature is a proximity search that aims in finding the nearest neighbor point to a given set closest to an existing point within the buffer area. As an example, finding the service point closest to your house entails running Nearest Neighbor Analysis with spatial data